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Our passion as a Digital Marketing Agency is help you increase your leads, convert more sales and optimise your marketing

About Our Agency: One of the most important innovations with the internet is the emergence of SEO – arguably the best way to make or break a business. Precisely because everything is connected to the internet, integrating SEO into your business is now more crucial than ever. This important decision could either make you a lot of money or lose you your traffic which is equal to losing money – a lot of it. So the debacle for the modern entrepreneur is being able to ascertain which SEO company is the right fit for your company.

BuzzSpot was established because of our experience of digital sales and marketing showed that picking the right SEO partner is going to be critical to the growth of your business. Also, the way that your SEO partner delivers the service that you require is going to mean the difference between attaining your business goals online or missing them. Our approach is proven and will be valid whether Google or any of the search engines change their search algorithms.


Since the initiation of the BuzzSpot brand, we have developed a practice for lead generation using the core social media channels of Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. Our approach to our lead generation services are just as uncompromising and pioneering as our Digital PR and SEO. We guarantee Lead numbers that are of the highest quality on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. The customer only pays BuzzSpot for what is delivered. No contacts. No advance fees. If the customer has the capacity for 100+ leads a week, we will deliver campaigns that achieve the goal of increasing the sales revenue and the growth of the business, in a short period of  time.

Create a winning Facebook Marketing Strategy

We will create a Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn marketing strategy for your business that will deliver more engagement, more leads and more sales.

Digital PR

Position your brand as a leader in its field and grow your audience through digital PR. Our team of experts identify opportunities and drive valuable brand mentions and links.

Search Engine Optimisation

Improve your business' online reach and broaden your audience base. Our SEO experts use data to inform strategic decisions that drive traffic and sales.


From helping businesses to identify the right marketing channels for them through to planning the launch of a new business or product, our team of experts can help you build a strategy that works for both your business and your audience.
Unique Approach
Having understood your goals, we are going to employ some of the fastest reacting activities that are proven to get the results that we know you are going to love!
Awesome Team
Our team has been trained to perform the very best results to meet your goals. We know how to be rockstars and we know how to make your business to be a superstar!
Guaranteed Performance
We back our abilities with a contract that provides you with the clauses that guarantee a performance from our team.

Our Vision

We get a kick out of getting results for our clients and will only work with businesses who we know we can help make a success. We only have one goal for you and that is to be Google 1# Ranking, so that you can increase your leads, convert more sales and optimise your marketing. Therefore grow your business!

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This has been the quickest way for me to increase my ranking in a competitive local market. BuzzSpot understands how to increase your business growth.
Tom Smith
Tom Smith
Owner and Osteopath