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Digital PR Services

  • Brand Monitoring
  • Worldwide Media Distribution
  • Rank Number 1 in 72 hours
  • Increase reputation and authority
  • Accelerate your Local SEO and National SEO

Digital PR is becoming something of the in-term for marketers. The results you can get from a single article or blog can outshine most other promotional marketing. We believe that the value of thought-leadership and interesting news can only help build your brand’s authority around the web.

Which is why BuzzSpot strongly recommends that all brands invest in digital PR campaigns that add real value to their business. This process is not all about ‘links’. We believe that is also about promoting your brand in the places that your audience is already active online.

Why Digital PR?

The sum of all components is greater than the Whole. We started this business on Digital PR and for these reasons:

Keyword Rank of No1

This is the percentage of how many keywords we can rank number 1 publishing one article.

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Number of Media Sites Reached

When we publish an article or blog this is usually the number of sites who will publicise online.

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Local Searches

Of all local searches are only carried out by users on websites that rank on Page One for that search term

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Ahead of the Competition

If you rank number one for a search term you are likely to achieve 30% of the search traffic for that keyword search.

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Digital PR Platform

We can provide you with a 'done for you' article or you can submit an article yourself. Our articles use specific semantic indexing in order to attract the best anchor text and keyword recognition by search crawlers.
We work with you to handpick the best Keywords that you want to dominate. On average your Press Release will rank Number 1 70% for over 200 keywords in one Article. This, in turn, will help your website ranking by the links from the high authority Distribution Network we publish to
Premium Publishers
Get featured on Yahoo News, AOL, ABC, FOX, NBC, CBS, CNN Money, Bloomberg + many more quality publications.
Platform Reporting
BuzzSpot unique platform enables you to track where the article has been reported and to understand for which keywords you have ranked Google number 1#.
Media Partners

Our Customers Say

Tom Smith
BuzzSpot cares about understanding you and your goals. I was very impressed with the initial analysis and findings report, once the PR was released. BuzzSpot understands how to increase your online presence.
Tom Smith
Owner Osteopath

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