Our Process

Regardless of your budget and objectives we always try and follow the same process. This helps us to understand your business on a personal level, build a relationship with you and to ultimately help your business succeed online.
  • Initial Assessment
  • Website Audit
  • Website Optimization
  • Onsite SEO
  • Offsite SEO
Initial Assessment
When you first contact us, we will asses how we can help reach your objectives and how we fit together as a partnership. The next step will be a free, no-obligation consultation either by telephone or if you’re local, we can schedule a face-to-face meeting at a location convenient to you. We will assess your current status, your market, aspirations, and timelines. The first stage of dominating Google SEO!
Website Audit
Identifying the current health of your website is important for discovering the issues you have and what may actually be preventing your site from ranking well in search results. This includes examining the content of your site, checking your website code and ensuring it’s easily accessible by search engines.
Website Optimization
Your website may require substantial work and in some cases, we’ll recommend redevelopment. But in most cases, We just need to work closely with you to enhance your website which not only performs well in search engines but looks good too. We'll even provide you with training to keep your site updated or we can provide a low-cost management plan.
Onsite SEO

The start of any successful SEO campaign is onsite optimization. We’ll research the keywords your business needs to target and check they have search volume. Next, we’ll develop your website to reflect these keywords, ensuring that your site is well structured and that all internal pages are well linked. During the process, we’ll make sure your website complies with several all important SEO factors:

Site speed and responsiveness: Making sure your website is fast to load and responds to all devices, desktop and mobile.

Keyword research: Using our SEO tools we can find the keywords you should be targeting which will generate leads for your business.

Content: Making sure the content of your site is relevant to search queries and has proper keyword usage in areas such as headings, title tags and descriptions.

Landing pages: Developing pages on your website which are designed for higher conversion rates and can also be used for PPC.

Technical: Making sure your site is well coded and discoverable to search engines.

Blogging: Creating a Press Release and blogging strategy to establish your business as an authority within your industry and bring traffic to your site. Website care and management: If your website is built on WordPress CMS we will provide recommendations on how to keep your website core and plugins updated.

Offsite SEO

BuzzSpot main priority is getting your onsite SEO correct as this will have an impact on the links you generate to your website. However, there are tactics which can also be implemented to boost your website authority and give you a higher chance of competing in the search engines.

Link building: For local businesses, we recommend online directory links (citations). We'll make sure your business details are consistent online.

Google Maps and My Business: Optimising your Google My Business page so that you rank in the map pack.

On-line reviews: Putting a strategy in place to increase 5-star reviews and build trust with new customers.

Press releases: Sharing your business across high-quality news channels with a link back to your site.

Social signals: Sharing your website across social media channels to increase your popularity.

Authority sites: Spreading your online footprint across branded profiles.

Outreach: Guest posting on 3rd party blogs and sites within your industry to increase traffic and authority backlinks.

My Assessment

Grab your free Assessment to understand how we can make your business a Stellar Success!