SEO Analysis

Free Website SEO Analysis

Let us assess how we can increase your visitors, leads and sales in the next 28 days by providing a free SEO Analysis,
Initial Assessment
You can book online today an initial assessment with one of our consultants. During this session, we will get to know your requirements, in order to ascertain the best approach to working in partnership. Usually, this session lasts 30 minutes and the output will be an 'understanding of requirements' document.
Initial Digital Marketing Assessment
With your permission, BuzzSpot will then carry out an initial assessment of your digital assessment using our platform. We will prepare an audit report that will enable both parties to understand the work that is necessary to achieve your goals and ambitions. At this stage, we will agree with you that your a good fit for us as a customer and then initiate the program of work.
Competitor Analysis
It’s important for BuzzSpot to understand what your marketplace looks like, to ascertain where the opportunities are for both parties to exploit. This means reviewing your competitors, both those you identify and those we find through online research and your wider marketplace, giving you a real insight into what others around you are doing.
Strategic Management
Having analysed your Digital status and understood the market that you are competing in, we will provide a proposal that provides clear guidelines and recommendations. This will be in line with your budget and resourcing requirements. The proposal will clearly lay out a monthly approach, with clear KPIs and analysis methods to help you monitor the results. We will then provide you with a monthly management report that provides clear progress against the KPis used to measure the success of this service

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